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Colombia posts record aggregated first-quarter gross gaming revenues_1

First-quarter aggregated gross gaming revenues in the South American nation of Colombia reportedly increased by 17% year-on-year to top $44.4 million with online casino activities contributing approximately $12.9 million of this total.

According to a source citing official information from the country’s Coljuegos regulator, the country’s burgeoning collection of bingo halls and casinos were responsible for some $19.4 million in first-half gross gaming revenues as the local Super Astro, Baloto and other lottery-type titles contributed a further $7.4 million, $4.5 million and $259,000 respectively.

Demonstrative data:

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The President for Coljuegos, Cesar Augusto Valencia Galiano, reportedly disclosed that the $44.4 million figure is a first-quarter record for Colombia as associated gross sales swelled by 54% year-on-year to hit $3.7 million. The regulator purportedly moreover pronounced that this represented ‘an excellent start of the year’ and was indicative of ‘the good performance that games of luck and chance are experiencing’.

Comprehensive course:

Colombia is home to 50.3 million people with its iGaming sector having reportedly chalked up first-quarter gross sales of $1.4 million driven mainly by the popularity of sportsbetting, video slots, live dealer games and virtual roulette. This was purportedly bettered by the land-based bingo and casino sectors courtesy of a figure closer to $2.2 million as the industry looks to become a key player in the nation’s recovery from the lingering negative economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic.

Lottery largess:

Turning to other gambling-related entertainment and Coljuegos reportedly divulged that territorial games such as lottery, chance and Raspa y Ready titles saw their aggregated first-quarter gross sales grow by 22.6% year-on-year to exceed $201,400. The regulator subsequently went further in revealing that the country’s new Raspa y Ready incentive had an especially successful three months by exceeding its own sales prediction by an impressive 193% to help this entire sector contribute roughly $29,200 in taxes.

Public profit:

Valencia Galiano reportedly disclosed that Colombia’s gaming industry generated an all-time high $69,200 in first-quarter tax benefits for a plethora of local health programs, which equated to a rise of 242% year-on-year. He purportedly noted that this finishing tally was furthermore along the lines of 4% higher than had been forecast before the start of the year.

Reportedly read a statement from Valencia Galiano…

“We will continue to fight against illegality, promote the diversification of the gambling industry and encourage technological modernization in order to achieve more efficient processes, which will allow us to continue consolidating ourselves as one of the most important economic sectors in Colombia. We invite all Colombians to partake in this legal and responsible entertainment activity and they can choose from any of the halls or online sites we have authorized. All resources generated by this industry contributes to financing the health sector in Colombia.”